If you are considering buying low-priced Mexico real estate, you have most likely noticed the large number of brilliant options in Yucatan. Yucatan has continuously been at the top choices for cheap real estate because of an exceptional combination of high-quality services and the very affordable ways of life.

One option which knowledgeable buyers are considering more and more is that of Yucatan properties. Many homes in the big colonial city of Merida and surrounding settlement can be bought for a very accessible price, at times as low as USD 30,000. Although these properties would need slight renovations, they are well structured and offer buyers huge amounts of potential to be turned into a dream home, or for resale.
With about $120,000, a comfortable and ready home to live in can be purchased. With the same amount, properties close to the beachfront, in towns such as Progreso, which is about 30 minutes off from the city of Merida, can be found and accessible.

Yucatan land prices are very affordable. Also, many are obtainable directly in the city of Merida, but one of the most striking options within this market is property availability directly on the beachfront, or very nearby. Large and beautiful beachfront lots can be found within the range of USD 100,000, perfect for building a personal dream home. Not only is real estate inexpensive in Mexico, but the cost of living is also low. Hospital and health care services, for instance, tends to be about 60-80% less than that of United States. These same services have been graded on par with private hospitals in the U.S. by the World Health Organization (WHO).

At the same time, Merida is home of high-quality, modern services. In addition to the well-equipped hospitals, there are also great modern shopping centers, international chain stores, professional golf courses, an international airport and much more.

While it may be so easy to find cheap real estate in Mexico, it is much more complicated to find cheap properties that have a lot of potential for investment and exceptional lifestyle, in an area where there are modern facilities available at affordable prices. Yucatan is one of the few places where balance exists between availability and affordability. The information reveals in this article is just a tip of an ice bag, contacting a professional, reputable and accredited Mexico real estate agent is the best option.