People living by the Sea may be healthier!

YES! This is all we want the science to tell us, WE NEED TO LIVE BY THE BEACH TO BE HEALTHIER!

You all can start packing your suitcase and swimming suits because LiveScience sees that living by the beach can actually be good for your health. The ocean affects directly on your well-being physically and mentally.

Our bodies are amazingly designed to absorb and use ultraviolet rays from the sun to transform it in the inner layers of the skin in Vitamin D. We can see cases of people with Vitamin-D deficit in countries where the sun exposure is not enough and is directly linked to the feeling of unhappiness, various diseases including cancer.

This amazing study analyzed over 40 million people in England and found out that the people living most proximate to the coast were reportedly having the highest rates of good health among all.

Living by the sea or a beach may be associated with better health because it reduces the levels of stress, this proven by researchers. People visiting often the beach or sea experiment more feelings of calmness and relaxation than those who visited urban parks or countryside.

Several studies have found that many health problems are related to stress. It increases the risk of obesity, heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, depression, gastrointestinal problems, and asthma.

So this is it, Science seed it not Us! Its time to move to the beach and Playa del Carmen is a great option. We know it might not be easy to decide where you go, how long you want to go, if you want to try staying for maybe a couple of weeks or months, that is why we encourage you to give the first step!