When we talk of Mexico, most often than not the first thing that comes to mind is the capital which happens to be Mexico City. Located and lying at an altitude of 2,240metres, the city is surrounded by land from all the sides and has no beaches. The same can’t be said of the other towns and cities who harbor some amazing beaches like Tecolutla Beach as well as the Acapulco Beach. In addition, the countries many coasts Pacific, Caribbean, Gulf, and the Sea of Cortez offers an opportunity to own beach house in Mexico.

Here are some of the areas where locals and tourist alike can at least acquire one of the beach houses on offer for sale.

The Riviera Maya and Costa Maya

The astonishingly beautiful Riviera Maya located south towards Tulúm happens to be the fastest-growing region in the country. The equally spectacular Costa Maya located south to the Belize border is not left behind. This alone has pushed the Mexican government to develop this white-sand, emerald-sea coastline into the biggest tourist destination in the country.

Mexico has now become home to several thriving touristic regions, including Playa del Carmen, Isla Mujeres, Cancún, Cozumel, and Tulúm. There is a 100-mile long coastal stretch along the Riviera Maya found between Cancún and Tulúm. Along the beaches of these coastal stretch, prices of houses for sales are a bit high especially around the high-traffic tourist areas of Cancún and Playa del Carmen.

All of these is true especially when you realize that an ocean view house in Playa del Carmen near the beach is worth about $400,000. The situation in Tulum is a little moderate as you can build for yourself a beach house for about half that price ($250,000).

The Puerto Vallarta

Located on the beautiful Bay of Banderas, this Pacific-coast town has stood the test of time for being an international resort for well over 50 years. Sandwiched between the Pacific’s blue waters and velvety-green Mountains, the Puerto Vallarta stretches for miles along the bay. This town is blessed with lively and sophisticated chic restaurants, great shopping, and an international airport, making it just more than just a beach.

With the town of Puerto Vallarta widely regarded as the cheapest destination in Mexico coupled with its many neighborhoods and varying real estate, there is something available for everyone irrespective of your income levels or social class. This is evident as the value of a beachfront condo begins at $150,000. But the reverse is the case when you need to buy a house because you’d probably need to look at the outskirts of Vallarta where the starting purchase price stands at about $600,000.

The Yucatán Gulf Coast

Located on a 50-mile stretch that runs roughly north and east of Mérida, the Yucatán Gulf Coast is widely regarded as one of the most affordable stretches of beachfront available in Mexico. And for generations, this spot has always been a huge hotspot to not just the locals but tourists and foreigners alike.

At the Gulf Coast of Yucatán, it is possible to acquire one of the beach houses available for sale for between $50,000 to about $150,000. The only disadvantages are that some the houses sold for $50,000 or less are located somewhat far away from the beaches whereas the reverse is the case with the more expensive houses who are very close to the sea and its beautiful beaches.