If you have decided to live, invest, or retire in Mexico, there are many favorite locations where you can get a perfect bargain on buying a perfect oceanfront house at the most affordable price than the United States or Canada.

For foreign buyers, the question of buying a Mexican real estate has been very confusing in the past years. One of the greatest misconceptions in the country is that buying a home can be a long and intimidating process while the risk of losing ownership is an ever-present threat. The idea that buying property in Mexico is difficult came in years ago when there was a limit for foreign buyers. Foreign buyers were not allowed to purchase properties or land located within the so-called ‘Restricted Zones’.

Things have changed since then and the Mexican Government had liberalized laws governing property ownership across the country, giving foreign buyers a chance to do more. Since the change of this policy, foreigners can not only buy properties in Mexico but the process has been made easier and safer.

The beauty, convenience, and rich culturally diverse location among other benefits of owning a Mexican oceanfront home have attracted many North Americans and Europeans which has lead to a growing real estate market. After the change of buying policy and all other added benefits, a common question has arisen; are there really still cheap Mexico oceanfront real estate properties? Generally, the Mexico housing market is strong and rising. The country has a rising economy despite the presence of trade threat alterations from the U.S. The Housing market is seen growing faster in 2018 than was predicted by experts.

Affordable oceanfront homes are still present in Mexico which is the more reason both national and international buyers are rushing to have the best of these properties. Despite being a seller’s market where prices can be relatively high, you can yet find better and less expensive oceanfront properties here than in most U.S and Canadian cities.

By working with someone experienced in the Mexico market, you’ll always have the best of oceanfront homes. A more thorough search of Mexico’s real estate market will help uncover the several excellent available options going out for much smaller budgets. Just think of an oceanfront lot on an open, white, sandy beach, just below the road from Mexico’s ancient ruins, with many exciting activities- all of this for less than $60,000 U.S. Not forgetting all the available services and hookups. At first, you may find it difficult to believe but you’ll come to be used to it with time.

Mexico oceanfront homes are better options than any other location you would think of. U.S and Canadian residents have it closer to home than any other country with a direct flight from the growing number of international airports in Mexico to most Canadian and U.S cities. Mexico’s beachfront communities as well have excellent infrastructure- roads, healthcare, and many others. You find shopping easy with large Mexican and international stores, as well as many other smaller local shops offering great bargains for residents.

There is a significant North American community in areas where you can find more affordable beachfront homes. These people have already decided to live in Mexico, and they find themselves having a comfortable, welcoming and loving relationship with Mexican nationals. What are you still waiting for? Make a move and own a Mexico oceanfront home!